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Deutscher Pressestern is an independent media and information service that has been publishing news about cars, consumers, life science, lifestyle, non-profit organisations, real estate, services and technology in Germany for more than 20 years. Deutscher Pressestern is internationally known as Public Star giving an international reach. The experienced editorial team work hand in hand with their colleagues from all aspects of the media to provide independent and thoroughly researched editorial content. As a result, our team is an experienced and reliable partner, which maintains strong relationships with all of our colleagues in every aspect of the media whether it is print, news agencies, TV, radio, classic online media or blogs; we can offer professional services for all editorial tasks.

The media service Deutscher Pressestern and Public Star are registered trademarks of Agentur Stern and are globally protected.


Public Star
Bierstadter Straße 9 a
65189 Wiesbaden Germany

Phone: +49 611 39539 - 5

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